Thornhill is actually a community within the city of Vaughan, which is located on the northern border of Toronto. Residents of Thornhill prefer not to use "Vaughan" in their postal address.

The sixth commercial album by the Canadian band Moxy Früvous, released August 10, 1999 by Bottom Line Records. It contains 12 songs, most of which sound very pop oriented, compared with the band's other works. Highlights of this album are I Will Hold On, Earthquakes, Independence Day, and Downsizing.

Track Listing

  1. Half As Much
  2. Sad Girl
  3. You Can't Be Too Careful
  4. I Will Hold On
  5. Earthquakes
  6. When She Talks
  7. Splatter Splatter
  8. Independence Day
  9. Downsizing
  10. Hate Letter
  11. If Only You Knew
  12. My Poor Generation

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