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Quite possibly the first Moxy Früvous song that is entirely suitable for playing at a wedding reception. They should have released this one as a single to U.S. radio stations when the CD came out; if this track can't sell the CD to neophytes, nothing will. Well, except possibly a Früvous concert.

This song could stand on its own as an instrumental, but the lyrics really make it spectacular. I particularly like that one of the repeated verses changes tense each time it's sung, to tell the story:

You know that it's true | You know that it's true | You know that it's true | You knew it was true
When I hold you         | When I hold you         | When I've held you      | When I held you
There'll be no secrets  | There are no secrets    | There are no secrets    | There were no secrets
I believe it            | I believe it            | You must believe it     | I believed it

Unfortunately, the story (as I interpret it) isn't as fit for a wedding reception as one might hope. The last version of this repeated verse tells the end of the story: the relationship is over.

Perhaps the next Moxy Früvous song to play after this one is Fly, which tells the story of two people in a relationship who realized it just wasn't working out, and decided to let each other go.

These songs are real downers but I love them so.

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