I go to sleep at 1:00 a.m., because it's been a long day and tomorrow we are going to wake up earlier than usual, (at 9 instead of 11). We have planned to go to Jerusalem for the day, Avi and I. We'll go to the Botanical Garden, Western Wall, BenYehuda Marketplace.

9:00 a.m.:
Jane is downstairs, noding in pajamas. Avi is in bed, sound asleep.

1:00 p.m.
We finally get to Jerusalem, not bad. Avi navigates the narrow streets, I fiddle with the radio.

The phone rings, and it's Avi's boyfriend, Levi. He's got one day pass to get off the army base and tomorrow he'll be flying overseas.

What am I going to tell her, 'Yes, I mind if we spend the day with him.'?
No, I like him, he's fun. I just had plans. But I'm still going to be here for another week so I get over my milisecond of disappointment.

Sure, tell him we'll pick him up in 10 minutes.

2:00 p.m.

We sit in the theater, watching Big Mama's House. Hebrew subtitles! This movie isn't too bad, actually, and they can do whatever they want in their space of two seats. I will just watch this hilarious movie.

I like Levi, he's funny. He keeps the conversation moving, even though I've just met him. We go get some food, pick up his ticket from the travel agent.

They're not doing anything to make me uncomfortable, and this is why I'm uncomfortable. If it was my guy leaving for a bit, I wouldn't want to be dragging my cousin everywhere with me on the last day. I half-heartedly offered to go off my own direction and meet up with them later.

Oh, you wanted to go there? Okay, so let's go!
Suddenly the three of us are in the car going wherever there is, and I'm trying to work out what flew over my head.

Ah well, I did offer. So we go to the fun beading shop, they're closed, and the bar we wanted has upped their minimum age from 18 to 21 on karaoke nights. Damn!

Talking, pointing, touching. We walk aimlessly, two and one, them and me, me and her, him. Reshuffle, slide, arrange. I've never really thought about the dynamics of a trio walking down a crowded sidewalk. I lag, they walk ahead; she lags back with me, he leads.

Forget the Western Wall, Parks, Museums. We are obviously going to do Jerusalem on Wednesday.

We drop him off at home, I walk up the street a little feeling stupid, waiting for my cousin/friend to do her little goodbye thingie.

< i>It's been real, he says.
It's been real.

<< #0# >>

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