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Throne for a Loss is the 4th episode of Farscape. In this episode, Rygel XVI puts the entire crew in danger when he steals a small piece of Moya's internal circuitry because he felt it would help in trade negotiations as a top to his scepter. When he is kidnapped, Moya's crew has no choice but to rescue the ugly toad.

Meanwhile, Zhaan plays social worker with one of the captured kidnappers. They are all addicted to some kind of stimulant which helps them in combat. She manages to get him off the stuff, but at the end we are treated to a meaningful social commentary on drug users: We can help someone break their addiction, but it is ultimately their choice. In the end, only the people addicted can help themselves. My only complaint about the episode was the pseudo-sexual relation between Zhaan and the prisoner; I feel this detracted from the significance of the two characters.

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