Somewhat silly manga written by Japanese porn/crossover actress Ai Iijima (on whom the title character is based) and illustrated by Takeshi Takebayashi. The basic concept is that Ai has somehow come into possession of the power to travel through time. She has no control over where or when this power will take her, and it is activated when (and only when) she orgasms. This serves as a plot device and excuse for showing Ai getting molested in various historical and fantastical settings, with varying degrees of consent.

The term "fanservice" does not even begin to do justice to this series. (In addition, I think it sort of implies that there are other attractive aspects of the work that originally drew fans in to be serviced.) The clerks and some of the regular customers at my local comic book store would, prior to the release of every new issue, place bets on which page Ai would first be naked on. I believe the highest winning selection was "7". This said, the sexuality isn't as graphic or extreme as in some other works - I'd rank it somewhere past T&A but short of hentai. In the aforementioned comic book store, it was filed with the rest of the manga, rather than on the top shelf with other "erotic comics".

About the best praise I can think of for this series is that it's not too difficult to follow when you're intoxicated. If you're looking for english-language manga erotica, I'd recommend you first check out Studio Proteus' Eros Comics imprint. (If you're considering the original Japanese version, or if language isn't an issue, you've got tons more options.) If, however, you're just in a mood for something mindless and a little titillating, Time Traveler Ai might do.

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