there is a place in my mind where time has truly
slowed down to the point
where I can feel it.
feel its every thought.
and it does a lot of thinking.

here I keep you frozen in essence
moving so slowly
that a blink of an eye lasts one thousand years
and one kiss lasts an eternity
this is a peaceful place
where I have the opportunity to examine everything as it comes,
everything as it happens
nothing escapes me here
I can love you forever
because love itself becomes as tangible as plastic wrap,
and we’re covered in it.

here I will always marvel at how your mean red dress clings to your hips and thighs
and when you sway from side to side, the dress shivers for years
here I catch your scent
perfume and salt and smoke
as a tamer catches a butterfly
a beautiful dancing color that I can enhale

here I stare into your eyes and you don’t look away from shyness or discomfort
and I can see you through the window pains
I am a peeping tom that you know is there and you don’t mind.
here I can touch your skin and be aware of each tiny hair,
each mole, each wrinkle, each pore.
I am made aware that the skin is truly our largest organ,
and should therefore be treated with respect

my mouth can linger on your mouth for much more than a moment here
I can dance with you for much longer than all night long
you make me feel very much at home
I could truly hold you forever
and maybe I will
time will tell.

** written by Matthew Bivins and read at the Dockstreet Theatre in December of 1999.

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