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Once there was a little boy who had a baby brother. He lived with only his baby brother and his grandfather. He was very happy, because every night his grandfather would tell him stories. And all the time the boy slept like a sweet dream.

The boy's grandfather was a very old man, and one night he died. This cast a dark shadow over the boy's life. He was so young, you see.

He was only a little boy, but he was strong because of his baby brother. He had to be strong for two.

The boy grew older and so did his brother. They both loved each other more than anything else in the world. They were very happy together. They were complete.

One day the boy saw a pretty girl in the street. For the first time, he forgot about his brother. He forgot all about him. The girl was very pretty. She saw him also, and when she saw him, she wanted him all to herself.

Suddenly, the boy remembered. His little brother. He loved him more than anything. He told the girl, but the girl did not want to share him with any brothers.

The girl was a pretty girl, but she was also a witch. This was unlucky. She was angry and jealous, and she did something terrible to the boy. This was something more terrible than anything. Can she be forgiven? She turned him into a tree. And she sent him far away. She sent him over seven oceans and to a tiny island, and he was rooted into the sand.

The boy's heart ached. He was so worried. His little brother was not strong. His little brother's heart ached also. He didn't know what had happened.

The little boy was not so strong, but he was determined to find his brother. He didn't know where his brother was, but he thought that he was alive. He didn't know for sure. That was just how it felt.

So the little boy set out to find his older brother. He looked everywhere. He looked under all of the rocks. After three years of searching, he got in a boat and went across the seven oceans. It was the only place left to look.

All this time, the little boy's brother was so sad. He did not see anyone in the whole three years. Because he was a tree, he couldn't do anything but think.

Then one day, he saw a boat. He saw his brother and his heart was so happy. He wanted to laugh and jump around and dance. He had been so worried! Now his heart was filled with joy.

The little boy got out of the boat, and stepped onto the island. To him, it was a very small island. It was a very small island with no brothers. Only him, and one tree.

His brother screamed. He tried to scream. He was a tree. Trees cannot make any noise unless the wind blows through them. The little boy went and sat under the tree. His brother wanted to stretch his branches out and surround the little boy and protect him forever. He was so little.

The little boy was quiet. His brother held his breath. The little boy began to cry. He cried and he cried and he cried. His body caved in around his chest, and rivers flowed out of his eyes. It didn't matter. No one was there to see him. No one except for a tree.

The little boy had a bag with him. Now he reached into the bag and took something out. It was a rope. His brother's heart hurt so much when he saw that. He tried to make a noise, to move, anything. He tried so hard. There was nothing he could do. He watched his little brother take the rope, and tie it onto a strong branch. A strong branch, his branch! His little brother looped the other end. He climbed up into the tree, and looped the rope around his neck. He let himself fall.

Now his brother's heart broke. He was a tree, but his heart broke. He didn't have the strength for two, not even the strength for one. He also died, and the two brothers were together, the same.

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