Literal Translation :
I would never even remotely consider the possibility that you and I together could be in a relationship that would eventually involve some sort of romantic context.

The Logic :
You're like a brother to me. I would never sleep with my brother; Therefore, I would never sleep with you, as I've just likened you to the status of a sibling. No, seriously.

If you were to write a simplistic perl-esque pseudocode for this, it would be something like :

If (!(brother()) {
   fork(); # always use protection

Else {
   die; # just in case the last one wasn't clear
   die; # if the last statement wasn't obvious...

This statement is especially damaging when uttered by someone who does not in fact have any other brothers, because then they are simply presupposing the idea that if they had a brother, you would be like that person, as they know they would never want to sleep with that person -- and they also know that they never want to sleep with you.

Don't pretend that this isn't the context in which this is being used, because it is.

Similar Cases:
The same can be true for "You are like a sister to me" if uttered by a boy to a girl.

If uttered from girl to girl, this is usually a complement, unless both of said girls are lesbians or bisexuals -- in which case the meaning may get confusing.

If you live in Alabama or New Hampshire, this phrase may actually be an invitiation towards intimacy -- proceed with caution.

This phrase has been uttered to me on two occasions.

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