On Feburary 15th, the UC Davis newspaper released the results of one of those 'health surveys' they love to take. As usual, the numbers obtained by these surveys seem grossly manipulated as propaganda, or at least taken from a poor sample pool. It may very well be true that 'college drinking is lower than many people believe' because many people believe that college students are drunk every night. (some are.. but most are not). However, the study reports that 70.8 percent of students drink 0-3 drinks at an average party. I don't know what they consider an 'average' party but I sure havent been to any parties of that sort. Most of the 'frat' parties consist of vast hordes of drunk people - in fact, going to a party sober, as a designated driver, or just by choosing not to drink, is generally boring, as everyone else is drunk. Also according to the study, 25% of students 'never drink'. I only know one person who 'never drinks'

The study also reports that only 30% of students have smoked cigarettes over the past year and 25% have smoked marijuana. Unfortunately, i see masses of people smoking tobacco at parties. I personally don't understand it becuase it fucks you up without any major beneifits that alcohol or pot have (but to each their own). But the figure seems quite underestimated. The estimate of pot smokers is ludicrous. I have never smoked pot, for various reasons. (i may someday, but don't see any reason to now.. but that's a different node) I only know of two or three persons who have never smoked pot besides myself. And most of the people I know have smoked pot in the last year.

The results of this particular survey probably reflect the definition of the word 'student'. I suspect they interviewed many grad students and other more 'mellow' people (although most grad students I know seem to smoke out rather frequently too). Also, the kind of people who would take a survey like that probably aren't the ones you'd be partying like that. I know I'm too lazy to take such a survey unless given such a reason; i imagine many other people are too. Or perhaps it is just lies, directed towards the parents of students or other such people. Either way, they need a new survey pool.

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