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UFA stands for United Farmers of Alberta. It's basically a store where you can go to get farm supplies. Need a water trough? Go to UFA. Need a bit for your horse? UFA. Dry wall hammer? UFA again. They sell tools, animal paraphenelia, building supplies, fencing materials, and so on. They also sell prefabricated buildings, such as barns and toolsheds and the like.

Rememeber, you don't have to be a farmer to shop at UFA.

This is probably as good a spot as any to mention one of those really irritating puzzles that keep you up at night trying to think of the answer, because dammit you know the answer, and besides, you're too stubborn to check the back of the book anyway. I hate them. Someone has to node them, though, since this is Everything, and some parts of Everything are really annoying. So this one might as well be written up by me. The W/U was originally going to be entitled something like, 'What is the only english word that...'. That title would have been ridiculously long, and probably would have gotten lost in the nodegel. UFA is short, sweet, to the point, and anyone looking for the answer to this puzzle will find it here (no spoilers below, though. At least not yet.) The puzzle I'm referring to is this:

    What is the only word in the english language which contains the letters 'u','f','a', in that order, immediately adjacent to one another?

Here are the caveats:
  • There are several words, but they all share the same stem
  • This is not a stupid play on words like that damn 'gry' puzzle
  • The letters ('u','f','a') can only be used once each

  • Like I said, they're immediately adjacent, and in that order

  • That spongey thingy you use in the shower is spelled 'Loofah'. Sorry.

  • As of this writing, the solution is not softlinked below. The solution to this puzzle has a node_id whose square is 1161241929.

    Allow me to suggest you go somewhere else before trying to find that node, so as to avoid softlinking it here.

    It would be polite for the others to not be tempted to scan the softlinks. Not that you're all polite folks, but still... Oh, and my apologies in advance for any sleep loss.
    Ufa is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan, formerly part of the old USSR. Situated to the west of the Ural mountains at the confluence of the Ufa and Belaya rivers, it boasts around one million inhabitants, having grown from around a quarter of a million in 1956. Oil is the predominant industry and source of income.

    The city is also home to the Muslim Mufti and the main Islamic theology school in Russia. The Russian author Sergei Timofeievich Aksakov was born here in 1791.

    UFA is the Universum Film AG, a German film production company. Founded 1917 in Potsdam-Babelsberg it produced such classic movies like Metropolis or Der Blaue Engel. In 1937 the UFA was nationalized and subordinated to the Reichspropagandaministerium of Joseph Goebbels. After World War II the UFA was separated. In the SBZ (Soviet Occupied Zone) the DEFA was founded and in the BRD in 1953 the Bavaria Filmkunst GmbH, UFA Theater AG and the Universum Film AG were founded.
    In 1964 the Universum Film AG was aquired by Bertelsmann and sold again in the Seventies. 1984 Bertelsmann founded the UFA Film- und Fernseh GmbH where it merged all its film and TV companies. The UFA Film- und Fernseh GmbH then was merged in 1997 with the CLT (owner of RTL) into CLT-UFA.

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