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The U.S.S. Belmont began its illustrious life as the Iran Victory, a warship. The ship was built by the Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation in Oregon and it was born on March 25, 1944. The ship was involved in naval activity during World War II, but afterwards, it was deemed retired in 1955. The Navy selected the ship and turned it into a technical research ship. On June 8, 1963, the ship was renamed the U.S.S. Belmont. In November of 1964, the ship was commissioned. In April of 1965, it was deployed to the West Indies. It has also been deployed to the west coast of South America, the South Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. On Janurary 16, 1970, the ship was decommissioned.

The length of the ship is 455', whereas the beam is 62'. The ship has a displacement of 11,100 tons and is powered by a Propulsion Steam turbine-single screw 8500 horsepower.

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