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Usually shortened to "Ubi Maior", it's Latin for "where (there is something that is clearly) superior, (all the) lesser (choices) disappear".

This shows that the ancient Romans were quite good at text compression. Probably their Empire fell when they accidentally deleted all the copies of pkzip from their abaci.

The phrase can be used in the following situations:

  • When you emerge as the absolute winner in a race or a competition:
    "You know why I beat you?"
    "Because you've been boxing for 20 years and you're much better at it than I am?"
    (Broken Arrow - Deakins steamrolled Hale)

  • When you are forced to make difficult choices:
    "It's me, or Iggy Pop, she says."
    "So what're you gonna do?"
    "Well I paid for the tickets!"
    (Trainspotting - Tommy and Spud talk about unreasonable girlfriends)

  • To acknowledge that a new product has ground all competitors to dust:
    "Look at this. Ever since the XP-38 came out, they're just not in demand."
    (Star Wars - Luke Skywalker sells his speeder)

This useful trivia was brought to you by the "Stun your Opponent with Latin Phrases" corporation.

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