Under The Radar: How Red Hat Changed the Software Business--And Took Microsoft by Surprise
by Bob Young (Red Hat CEO) and Wendy Goldman Rohm

Tells the story of the rise of open source software and Linux in general, and specifically Red Hat. Good read, a detailed knowledge of Linux and Open Source isn't assumed. 182 pages, published by Coriolis Press.

Chapter 1: Inside The Tent
Chapter 2: Hotbed
Chapter 3: Funding A Revolution
Chapter 4: Dominoes
Chapter 5: Heresies
Chapter 6: The Fish Bowl
Chapter 7: Gods and Apostles
Chapter 8: Code Of Honor
Chapter 9: The Seeds Of New Markets
Chapter 10: The Genie Of Gnome
Chapter 11: Bake Off
Appendix A: Understanding The IPO Process
Appendix B: The Lazy Programmer Theorem
About The Authors

On a personal note, I won an autographed copy of this book, a promotional t-shirt, and a couple Coriolis Press keychains in a contest. On a humorous note, Bob Young signs his last name like this: "Y____g". But I guess that's one step up from my Tech. Math teacher, who signs his name like this: "----".

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