the near-extinct basselope is a creature that exists in berke breathed's comic universe, part basset hound and part antelope. rosebud the basselope was a character who appeared in bloom county and occasionally, i believe, in outland. the combination of the two species yielded a short dog with antlers who could jump somewhat higher than most dogs of that breed. rosebud once got very depressed when he attempted to jump over a fence and got stuck on top of it, due to his underwhelming leaping abilities and his tummy, which held him nicely in place.

in a few episodes, rosebud was considered by the american government as an alternative to pricier weapons in development during the reagan era. the idea was that this unique american citizen would strap a bomb to his back and pass under enemy radar in a series of long (not tall) leaps. the military sent out a general to go over this idea with rosebud, and his reaction upon meeting the basselope was thus: 'little piddled on my tony lamas!'

rosebud tried to join the bloom county heavy metal band billy and the boingers (previously deathtöngue), but his influences (barry manilow, i believe) were deemed unsuitable for the sound the band wanted to accomplish.

basselopes like pop tarts.

Note: This w/u will only make sense if you read the full node, i.e. the original node- or if you're acquainted with Bloom County and its (mostly amusing) characters.


Hrm... it's been a long time since I read any Bloom County books or comics, but I would swear that there was one episode where it was revealed that Rosebud was actually female and something about Bill the Cat and Rosebud getting married and having a whole mess of little 'uns.

Of course, like I said, it's been almost 15 years since I last read a Bloom County comic (I quit reading once Outland came out, which didn't have the same appeal to me as Bloom County did, even though some of the previous cast would cameo sometimes), I could be completely mistaken about Rosebud and Bill... but I distinctly remember seeing little, bouncing cats with antlers and mini-basselopes bounding on the kitchen floor at Bill the Cat's feet while he yells something to Rosebud.

Caused quite a scandal, too, if I recall.

And if it didn't happen, well it should have.

Well, it turns out that I was mistaken. After months of sleeping on it and letting my memory percolate, I remembered the truth. Rosebud did indeed have a litter of kids. But the father was not Bill the Cat, after all. It was Hodge Podge, the easily excitable liberal rabbit. I distinctly remember Milo Bloom, upon hearing that our friendly hare was a father-to-be, saying, "You mean... they're going to have a jackabasselope?" Or something to that effect.

In going along with the revelation that Spuds MacKenzie, ex-spokesdog of Budweiser beer (America's favorite!), was actually not the stereotypical male party-animal that was implied in all the old commercials, Mr. Breathed also let loose the startling news that Rosebud was in fact female.

The father was Hodgepodge, the terminally angry and usually drunken jackrabbit. Hodge's paternal instinct took over when he realized the responsibility was his, however, and he lengthened his temper and actually put the bottle aside. That is, until the jackabasselope children matured one week later and left the nest.

Oliver Wendell Jones, the child scientist of the group and representative of the "species putiry league," refused to accept the fact a jackrabbit and a basselope could mate and produce offspring. An "unholy biological union," as he so eloquently stated.

It was a short scandal, but a devastating one. There was actually worry of this event leading to the breakdown of species integrity...and mixed dating on the Cosby Show. No lie.

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