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Canadian passenger rail network operator. Operates 14000 km of track in Canada, from Western Canada to the Atlantic Region. The largest proportion of VIA Rail traffic is along the Quebec City-Windsor route. VIA rail is operated as a crown corporation, and receives subsidies from the Canadian government.

A number of years ago, the two railways in Canada--Canadian Pacific, and Canadian National, originally also a crown corporation--both private sector, decided they could no longer compete in the industry of passenger rail transport.

Not that Canadian Pacific had been serious about this industry for many years, although it had opened up the Canadian West--and founded a great industrial empire in the process.

Where did the great competitive spirit go? If the theory holds, then competition would have made it better. People do travel by rail. But people complain more than freight. They need more TLC than boxes.

It is one of the many things that is too difficult for the private sector--so they sloughed it off. They gave it to the government.

A job only the government could do.

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