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The last true incarnation of the Volkswagen Type II and one of the greatest vehicles ever built. Manufactured from 1980 until 1990, with very few being sold as 1991 models. It is essentially an '80s modernization of the original Bus, retaining the rear-mounted engine which makes so much sense from a vehicle design standpoint. From 1980 to 1983, it had an air-cooled, fuel-injection motor adapted from the second-generation Bus. 1984 brought the 90hp "wasserboxer" water-cooled flat-four, with which the vehicle was equipped until the end of production. Diesel engines were available as an option in 1982. Other options included the Westfalia camper-van (converted by Westfaila-Werke in Onnasbruck) and the Syncro, an all-wheel-drive model. Single- and double-cab pickups were available outside the United States, and a number have been imported. Starting in 1987, the Wolfsburg Edition or Carat featured two rear-facing seats and a table, rather than a second bench seat in the middle of the vehicle. These were also converted by Westfalia. The Vanagon was destined (doomed?) to be replaced by the EuroVan, which was an attempt to compete with Ford's line of delivery vans in Europe. These vehicles look like Chevy AstroVans if you don't look directly at them, please do not mistake them as such.

As of this writing, my family owns two Vanagons, and they make me wonder why people who live in suburban neighborhoods buy SUVs.

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