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I find it rather easy to portray a businessman. Being bland, rather cruel and incompetent comes naturally to me.
John Cleese, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio

I'll start with the obvious.

Scorpions are known for their intensity.

No, that doesn't quite cover it. After all, volcanos are intense. Bungee-jumping is intense. Swimming with sharks is intense.

I really don't have a good word, a single word, to sum up the awesome power of Scorpio's.

Truth to tell, these folks scare me. Just a little. Not hide under the bed, beg God for mercy and salvation, terror. They just scare me. A little.

And it's a huge, gawdalmighty turn-on!

You ever have a man or woman stare into your eyes, so deeply, so intently, you just know they looking right into your soul? Scorpio. Venus, Sun, Moon placement, doesn't matter. You've just encountered a Scorpio.

Turned you on, didn't it?

It did if you are a water or earth sign. Air signs get really wigged out by the Scorpionic Stare.

This intensity attracts others like a magnet. They exude sexual passion like no other sign. They focus their entire selves on the object of their desire and, like a moth to the flame, that object succumbs. These people possess you and, no matter how independent you normally are, you become convinced that being possessed by them is wonderful!

God help you, your pets, family, friends if you spurn that Scorpion! They are huge believers in the scorched-earth policy. They'll carpet bomb your life and the lives of everyone you've ever known just to get even with you. From Venus in Scorpio do stalkers come.

What? You say you have Venus in Scorpio? Your Mom does? Your Great-Aunt Fifi? And none of you are like that?

True, the above is the deeply dark side of the Scorpio. It's always under the surface, lurking, waiting to get out. Those who are a bit more mature know that when it's over, it's over. They can usually walk away with their head held high even if their heart is bleeding.

Want to make your Scorpion happy? Sex is extremely important. So is honesty and loyalty. Do not, DO NOT cheat on them. Ever. Never, ever, kiss and tell. They'll hurt you for both. Maybe not a baseball bat to the knees, but even their silences are deadly. These people are proud, dignified and even noble. They have (usually) good reason to be. They have more than likly been to hell and back several times in their life and they don't suffer fools gladly. Remember that. Treat them with love, honor and respect, they'll give you the same. And then some.

And you'll also have the best sex of your life.

Venus in Libra || Venus in Sagittarius

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