What is the VeriChip

The VeriChip is a "Miniaturized, Implantable Identification Technology Chip" as the company's site1 exclaims, developed by Applied Digital Solutions2, which is injected into your body and securely holds various information about its... host (i.e. you).

How does the VeriChip work

Suppose the VeriChip is implanted into your arm (which I guess is the case). An external device (handheld scanner for example) is passed within a range of some centimeters from your arm, transmitting radio frequency (RF) energy through your skin, to the VeriChip. The chip is energized (since it has no power source of its own) and then transmits its UIN (or verification number, UVN, as the site refers to it) to the scanner. So, it is 736295763907173403, mouble, mouble... -> Zaxos Dogganos. ACCESS GRANTED.

The Jacobs family

They are the first who will get chipped. They asked for it. Love them! :

"We definitely, wholeheartedly believe that this technology will change the world, and it really is an honor to be a pioneer of a technology like this," said Leslie Jacobs. Her husband Jeffrey and 14-year-old son, Derek, said they share Leslie's pioneering attitude about the new VeriChip.

"We're doing something that is good for mankind," Jeffrey said. "I feel like I'm going with the flow of nature, and doing exactly what we're here to do to improve the problems of the world."


"It's a great feeling," he said. "I can be more comfortable not having to worry about myself in case of an emergency. I have more sense of security."

Jeffrey Jacobs said he's not worried about privacy issues that swirl around the VeriChip:

"I think there's a lot more invasion of privacy now with all of those things that are currently available on cards to the population than on something nice and private and hidden in your body which can't be stolen," he said.

Mmmmm, yeap. You know it, I know it, Mundus Vult Decipi... They seem to know better than everybody what "good for mankind" is, they seem to know better that all the concerns about privacy are just laughable conspiracy theories, they seem to feel warm and happy, embraced by the security feeling that, at last, this chip can offer them. To me, they seem to be <rant>gullible asshpeople who think they know everything, and who do not know better than buying from the supermarket in paper bags because plastic bags are ...bad..., and at the same time, they just ...lllove a president who does not sign the Kyoto Protocol for the reduction of polluting gases, showing to everybody that America, the land of free speech, freedom, democracy, blah, blah, blah, knows better what best for the environment is, so everybody else, just shut the fuck up. Ohhh, and our Bushi will also kick Saddam's ass because he's torturing his people. Oil in Iraq? Oh, is there oil in Iraq? </rant>

In an older writeup (666, The Antichrist in the new European ID cards), I had written about the new type of ID cards that will be used in Europe and the fuss around the fact that some people were opposed to these IDs because they thought that the magnetic stripe of the card holds the Evil Number 666. Other people said that these cards have a unique identification number(UIN) consisting of 18 digits, which is...errr, three groups of 6 digits, thus 6 6 6... The funny (its sad actually...) thing, is that nobody seems to care about the real consequences in our freedom by the fact that so many different personal information will gather on a single medium (whether it is the VeriChip or an electronic ID).

The VeriChip can currently hold some KB of information, but a couple of MB is on its way. Also on its way is VeriChip's capability of integrating a GPS device, so that *cough* in case of emergency *cough*, the rescuing team will be able to easily locate you. These things my friends ARE NOT GOOD. No! Not! I think that every elementary thinking human should condemn such application of such technologies.

But let me clarify a couple of things. I love technology. I make my living from technology. And living in a perfect world I wouldn't have the slightest problem with putting such a chip in my arm, so that next time I go skiing, if I happen to fall somewhere, the rescue teams will quickly find me (still alive). And not only that, but also in everyday life, I wouldn't have to carry my ID, my 2 ATM cards, one phonecard, one credit card, etc... In the supermarket I wouldn't have to deal with money, and all these stuff.

But, guys, we DO NOT live in a perfect world. And please believe me, I would rather die frozen like ice-cream, listening as I take my last breaths, the dogs of the rescue teams howling far away, trying to find me, than having in my arm this chip. Because in my everyday life, they will be able to know where I eat, with whom I hang out, where do I spend my money, etc, etc. And as history has proved, when something can be abused, WILL be abused.


1 http://www.adsx.com/prodservpart/verichip.html
2 http://www.adsx.com/

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