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Vermillion Squadron is the designation given to the Veritech squadron commanded by Rick Hunter in the series Robotech. The other two members of the squadron are Max Sterling and Ben Dixon. The squadron was stationed aboard the SDF-1.

Vermillion Squadron was responsible for acquiring vital information concerning their Zentraedi enemy. After being captured during an escort mission of a Cat's Eye reconnaissance plane flown by Lisa Hayes, they were taken to the Central Command of the Zentraedi forces via a hyperspace fold. Max Sterling managed to escape capture by disguising his Veritech by appropriating a Zentraedi soldier's uniform. While there, they were interrogated by Dolza, the Supreme Commander of Zentraedi forces. It was during this interrogation that they discovered the lack of culture in Zentraedi society. The ideas of love, dancing, singing, etc. were foreign to them and struck fear in their hearts.

Max Sterling was able to break them out of their cells and smuggle them aboard a ship returning to the Earth solar system. The information they brought back with them proved to be a key element in the continuing war.

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