My interest in the Victaulic grooved piping system started while I stared at some freshman’s binder in math class. It was bright orange, and on it were pictures of some pipes and in big bold letters it read: The Victaulic System. I asked the kid what The Victaulic System was, I was fairly certain it had something to do with engineering, but I thought maybe it was a band or some other pop-icon. To my surprise, he had no idea. Why do people wear shirts, apply stickers, or in this case carry binders, that they don’t understand? I was incensed, I could feel irrational anger boiling inside me. I said “oh” and tried to calm myself down, but it kept nagging me: what the hell is the victaulic system. My interest in algebra was now completely gone, maybe it was a part for a motorcycle engine, maybe that kid in tech would know. I was resolved to find out.
Later I asked Zach, the aforementioned kid from tech, if he knew what it was. He had no idea. When I got home I immediately went to www.everything2.com, the source of all knowledge in the world. Nope, there wasn’t a thing. I thought “Ok, maybe it’s in the dictionary” no luck there. Ok, it looks like time for www.google.com, the world's best search engine. Finally, after a few minutes I find some stuff, and I knew my duty. I must make a node for everything2 and bring my knowledge to the world!

The Victaulic System

The victaulic grooved piping system is a way to couple pipes together, that requires no welding. It has four major parts, the housing, the grove, the gasket, and the nut. The housing holds the gasket in place around the pipe which is firmly secured by the nut. The coupling's angled grips bite into the pipe end to form a secure, leak-free joint. Flexible and rigid couplings are available. The grooved system is designed for roll grooved or cut grooved standard pipe or roll grooved light wall pipe. It can be utilized with varied pipe materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, ductile iron, PVC, HDP plastics, plus coated, lined and specialty pipe. Grooved systems can join pipe from 15-1200 m. Up to 2600 mm pipe can be joined using the applied Vic-Ring system. It deadens sound and can accommodate for expansion.
After finding out how this worked and looking at some pictures, I found out the system is used in many everyday products. Go to the plumbing section in Home Depot and you will see couplings and valves that utilize the system. Even the fire sprinklers in your school or office could be using it. Your life depends on the victaulic system! The Victaulic system may also be known as the Mannesmann press fitting system. This may also be the same system used in the Tubeline copper fitting system. I can’t seem to get a second source for these last two statements though. Ultimately my search yielded results, hopefully I’ve made some people smarter, but for me it has only raised more questions, like: Why the hell does that kid have a binder about this?



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