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A video game cover band is a musical act that specializes in covers of video game music.

The growth of the geek community, in particulary the gamer crowd, has fomented an increasing audience for bands performing stylistic renditions of recognizable themes from popular and historic video games dating as far back to the NES and Sega period.

As most geeks can be characterized as avid video game players, most video game themes will tend to commonly inspire past memories in geek crowds like few other sounds can.

Anime-based or styled games (like the Final Fantasy series) are among the more common games covered by these bands, but classic video games also make for popular covers.

A few well-known video game cover bands include Minibosses, The One-Ups, and Everyone.

Popular games covered by such acts:

Geek cover bands are popular music acts at geek events such as Geek Pride Festival and Penny Arcade Expo.

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