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Set of American theatrical tools and philosophy of movement used by performing artists to create their work. Currently causing quite a buzz in American actor training and theatre in higher education, which has for the last half century of so focused on narrative and naturalism. Viewpoints is most completely expressed and championed by Wendell Beavers and Viewpoints founder Mary Overlie at NYU, and Anne Bogart and the SITI Company.

The tools (and their related vocabulary) developed out of postmodern dance, and derive from the assumption that in any performance situation (whether it be theatre, dance, vaudeville, the circus, even filmor video) there are two givens: time and space, experienced by both the performer and the audience. These two concepts are further subdivided into tools: Relationship, Shape, Architecture, Topography, Gesture make up Space, while the elements of Time are broken down into Repetition, Duration, Tempo, and Kinesthetic Response.

The focus on movement suggests a rejection of emotional fascism (forcing the audience to feel a certain way)-- instead giving the audience experiences to interpret themselves; and the tools present opportunities for performers to recapture spontaneity and discovery found in rehearsal, by giving them concrete actions and processes to work against in performance.

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