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Vivian Jaffe

A character played by Lily Tomlin in the film I ♥ Huckabees. Together with her husband Bernard (Dustin Hoffman), they are Jaffe & Jaffe, a pair of existential detectives who take on the case of the main character, Albert Markovski (Jason Schwartzman).

Albert: So I'm hiring you out to spy on me?
Vivian: That's right. So we can figure out your situation and resolve your crisis. In addition my associate will approach your case from a different angle.
Albert: What do you mean "different angle", what does that mean?
Vivian: Regarding your perception of reality. He'll tell you about that.

Their methods are based on the belief that everything's connected and everything matters.

Albert: Everything is the same even if it's different.
Bernard: Exactly. Our everyday mind forgets this. We think everything's separate, limited. I'm over here, you're over there, which is true but it's not the whole truth. Because we're all connected.

This belief is rejected by their former student, Caterine Vauban (Isabelle Huppert), who replaces it with the universal truths of cruelty, manipulation and meaninglessness.

Bernard: Better stay away from Caterine, Albert, 'cause she's gonna lead you down the path of darkness.

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