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Sitting in the mist, I wondered, and could not help being overcome. As the fog covered my vision, so did it cover my identity, casting doubt on everything, reducing visibility. Time disappeared, and with it my past and future. The present was indefinite and endless. I could not see my body, and the word lost meaning. For just a minute, I felt relieved. In a far off place, I perceived tears of joy falling from the revelation that my lifetime encumbrance had left me. Shortly after, I was unable to make such observations. Not only had emotion left, but so had any awareness that it had ever existed. I was lost in the mist. A part of the mist. As vaguely defined as it was, as formless, as insubstantial.

When I reformed, it was more than I could take. As all my memory rushed back, all my burdens and baggage, they seemed to have weight. With the near-suffocation under so much heaviness, there was also a sense of what had just happened. Though it was impossible then, I could feel the lingering molecules of air breathed from the Great Kings, so many millenia ago. I could taste dinosaurs' breath in my mouth, in my skin, in my hair. My left big toe still held somewhere with it's great spaces a tiny piece of the oldest speck of the Universe. I came to some water and viewed a reflection that was not my own. For just a minute, I regarded it peacefully, before I yet again felt the burden of being human.

I knew one day I would visit the mist again, but that day could not be very soon.

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