slipping in mashes of rotting chestnut leaves
halo of orange street light mist
"You’re pathetic, you’re so - fucking - juvenile,
"You know that? You know that?"
smaller monkey bows, lowers head,
witnessing trees shiver into moon-darkness

girl getting high picked up on security camera
leaning on shiny black sacks of leaf-rubbish
eyes exploded; the other world until dawn
and head-sick under hallucinated neons
closed shop-fronts, decayed fruit-smells,
distant conversations in no language

priest finding baby rats drowned in a puddle
pink-brown, twitching in rain as if alive -
the church turned black like a bad tooth
damp wooden stone cracking, voice-loosened -
foundations broke and it fell into the sky
showering maggots and skeletons - accelerating -

bewildered scream from an endless runway -
the aeroplane door bursts open in green UFO light
and the woman without gravity drifts gently out,
stretched forever in three bare dimensions
- motionless - they took my whole life.
Quantum children finger the mystery of her skin.

the pseudo-religious ecstasy of car vandalism -
bricked-up flats; cellars and attics haunted
by suicides and bindweed; boys and girls
hand in hand from the Hypermarket, bringing:
enamelled meats; Teflon; curtains
of cured human skin, surgical weaponry,
orchid seed for shit-filled window boxes.

Krishna - Shankara - Akira - Sega - the Other -
heart-filled children in a perfect circle -
the last freezing fog touched the morning grass
and gills formed on their wrinkling necks
"The New Genetics!" and no horror left - except -
pianos loud in the emptiness - cats smiling
through skinless pain - slave ships sailing again -
unholy patience in the face of a dark sun:

This is original work

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