It sucks.

It really, really, sucks.

It's a Monday morning, around 7:00. Normally, I would be getting up to go to school at this time.
But, today is Yom Kippur, and I get to stay out of school to observe it. (I am not Jewish, but my mother is, and I think fasting is a good experience.)

Anyway, I should be sleeping in. But instead, I'm waking up at an ungodly hour because of a strange sound.

I listen.

Yes, it's the sound of one of my cats happily puking her heart out.

So, I have to get up, turn on the light, and try and find out what happened, and where. I do so, and see a nice glob of cat puke all over my brand new jacket. Fun. I find it on my laptop as well, which was luckily closed at the time.

One of my cats has had a nasty habit of eating plastic. It seems, now that she's been getting on in years, she's having trouble digesting it. And so, she throws it up. Fun.

Now I get to sleep on the couch until I bother to wash my blankets.

Lesson learned: Never leave your jacket on the bed where your cats sleep.

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