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It should actually be Wall $treet Week..., but I feared that e2 would choke the the dollar sign.

A weekly television program on PBS that reports on (as you might have guessed) the week on Wall Street. You might also have guessed that typically it's hosted by Louis Rukeyser.

An episode of W$W will start out with a groovy theme song. It has a nice beat and begs for a dance remix. Then you'll have a summary of the past week of stock market activity from Lou. Next you'll get The Elves' Forcast and after that you'll get a panel of experts discussing the weeks financial news. Finally there will be a guest from the financial industry who will be questioned about his or her area of expertise by the panel of experts. Despite the fact that everyone involved knows more about money that I do, they still manage to make it understandable to the average person.

Quite frankly W$W is one of my favorite parts of Friday evening.

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