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A wampa is a tall, white humanoid, with two white, curving horns, that resembles a human in most respects. Its a solitary hunter, who's favorite snack is the Tauntaun. It made its debut on the planet Hoth, in the movie Empire Strikes Back. Your first introduction of this yeti-like character is of it taking down the legendary Luke Skywalker while he was on a scouting mission for supplies on the planets surface.

For anyone that has played "Shadows of the Empire" for Nintendo 64 or "Star Wars Trilogy" on an arcade console, you know that wampas do pack a punch. Taking many a shot from the standard blaster to subdue the beast. Not only that, but one of two hits from its massive claws, can take you completely out of action.

Not the type of people you want to meet in a dark alley at midnight

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