Futurama Episode #31: War is the H-Word
Production #2ACV17
Date: Sunday, November 26, 2000 at 7PM
Intro Caption: "Touch Eyeballs to Screen for Cheap Laser Surgery"

To obtain a military discount at 7 Eleven, Bender and Fry decide to enlist in the army. Unfortunately, a war has been declared and they are forced to be sent to fight brainball aliens. Meanwhile, Zapp Brannigan and President Nixon brew up a plan to conceal a bomb inside of Bender so that they may destroy the aliens. The bomb can only be triggered if Bender says his favourite word: "ASS."

Note: In the Eastcoast, this episode was cut about 1 minute before its ending, because of the elections or football (depending where you live). It was cut at the part where Bender is being repaired by the professor, but fails to extract the bomb. Instead, he changes the word "ASS" to Bender's least favourite word which wasn't revealed.

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