It is still mostly dark out but the sky has begun to take on the slate hue of the impending sunrise. I can hear the soft murmur of your breath as you sleep. I can still feel the intensity of your lips from the dark hours of last night. This is my secret. I am at peace.

Silently, I slip out of bed and out the door on to the deck facing the ocean. It's quiet except for the rhythmic sound of the waves caressing the sand. My robe is only long enough to cover an inch or so down my thighs and I can feel the softness of ocean air on my skin. I breathe deeply taking it all in and make my way down the stairs towards the path to the shore. My bare feet are picking their way gingerly over the sandy path avoiding the sharp crushed shells and prickly sea grass.

I can feel the coolness that the night air has given the sand as I sit down at the edge of the water's reach. I press the palm of my hand into the sand and feel the texture and pressure of the grains as I create a small depression. The waves are just barely touching my toes and I dig them into the wet sand. A stronger wave is coming up the beach and I know I'll get wet so I take off my robe and throw it up higher on the beach. As I race into the waves, the shock of the cold ocean brings me alive and I dive into the salty blackness. I take long strokes with my arms and swim out against the waves. It's like a dance, each of my arms taking turns thrusting into the water ahead of me and with each stroke the waves push back against me. I can't taste the salt water on my lips as I take in a deep breath. I swim against my ocean partner until my limbs feel heavy. The waves are leading this tango, so I turn over onto my back to float along with current back towards the shore. The waves undulate and the water goes from covering my breasts to only covering my rib cage as I float.

As I get closer to shore, the sun has set the horizon on fire and I know my absence from the bed will soon be noticed. I climb out of the ocean and my wet salty skin responds to the slight breeze with chills. I slip on my robe and feel the roughness of it across my nipples as my body awakens from within. The sun is warm on my back and I pick out my path back to the stairs and quietly pad up the deck and back into our bedroom. You are still sleeping and I slide my wet salty body back under the sheets. I can feel the warmth of your body under the sheets as you begin to wake. I move closer to you and place a soft salty kiss on your lips. Your hands are gentle as you enfold me and pull me in to you.

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