It begins with a glance, from across the room, like the first caress of a lover after a long absence.

Your smile, as warm as any embrace, wraps me up and captures me, immobilizes me.

Our eyes meet, like lips in a kiss, involved with and entranced by one another.

We move closer, speaking sweet words. Some are substantial: a passionate expression of "amore eternal." Others are light like fingernails across bare skin, teasing, tantalizing, and destabilizing, until you fall to a place beyond words...

A final glance, until even that is too much--the exchange of thoughts and emotions across the space between is too strong to ignore, the empathy almost painfully pleasureable.

And then, as quickly as it began, we are parted, and it is ended. Longing for one another but kept apart by the limitations of space and time, our minds drift slowly back to the ruts of convention and the well traversed paths of rationality, away from the unexplored expanses of the primal mind.

He is caressing the road. Inside, there is a breeze without the windows open, a slippery heat. His hair is slowly venturing down the tense plane of his forehead, gleaming viscerally in the backwash of the headlights. The whole of his body is bent toward two purposes (it is almost zen), the feet at the pedals, the hand on the gearshift. As a pilot he is taut, almost mechanized, precise and breathing as though he himself were pushed onward by cylinders, pumping air in and out in measured ecstatic volumes.

Glowing tauntingly, the panel reflects the concentration of his face, all the blinking gadgets auxillary and trivial, the cd player silent, the music of wheels soundtrack aplenty, like the crossing and uncrossing of legs. He grunts on the downshift, moans as the rpm's climb back up, almost too quiet to hear. The invention that is the two of them in their seats, connected by the carriage of infinite propulsion, is so well lubricated that the car's sighs are indistinguishable from their own.

She can feel herself as though she were a new thing every time a corner veers onto their black path. The hands that pretend to rest docile on her thighs are pushing at the hem of her skirt, engrossed in the static of the nylons between skin and goosefleshed skin. Even to her, it is not clear what their motive is. Paying her no attention, he is doing something to her. He is the car and the car is the motion and you can't fuck speed but still, the thought, sugar cyanide, pirate wind tracing the hidden tops of her stockings, sky, legs opening up, stars a staring bank of eyes while he and she and the car as catalyst along with the road and the jetstream contrail climax of pushing the pedal in explode a purebred mutation of steam engorged flesh and steel under a streaky fertile moon.

The trick is that there is no climax, only the impossibly extended cresendo, one smooth solid line of penetration, long as the map, deep as the fuel resevoir. She surrenders, pushing herself against the seat, flattening her feet against the floor. She is inside and out at once, feels the air moving on the other side of the glass and the pistons under the hood and arousal unconcerned with the man in the driver's seat.

This is primal science fiction. They don't need each other - they are lost together in the same chaste act of perversion, making hit and run love to the sleeping landscape, leaving their tracks across its thighs.

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