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While walking home today, I discovered an amazing phenomenon in the city in which I live. There must be a law somewhere that states that when watering your lawn, at least half of the water's spray must be directed towards a public sidewalk. At every house that had a sprinkler going, I got wet.

Why would someone do this? It's not like your sidewalk needs to be watered. Let's examine the reasons behind this irrational behavior.

Perhaps the owners of this particular house have a innate hatred of fish, and are thus trying their best to pollute or waste as much water as possible. Or perhaps they believe that they can keep the water from becoming polluted groundwater by keeping it from the ground. Maybe they like the esthetics of a pond in their front yard, but can't afford a real one.

I think they're probably just sitting indoors, laughing at everyone getting wet, though. Damn old people with too much time on their hands!

Or, maybe, they're just stupid.

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