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our worlds, our lives
cluttered with duties
with tasks and responsibilities

full of people
demanding attention
everything acting
to keep us apart

we are separated by fences
that sometimes seem
impossible to get over

but once in a while
we find a gate
push the obstacles aside
we move through the spaces in between

we find time
and space, and a place to be
to be you, and me, and us

We have both managed to grow a hide around our inner selves, to lock the other out. Living side by side, stepping around each other in an elaborate dance. We carry our spheres of existence with us, moving in the spaces between.

We need garbage bags, next time you go shopping.
Okay, and the car needs to have the oil changed.

How did we come to this? We used to share everything. Somewhere along the line, one of us withdrew, however subtly, and now there are two entities sharing a bed.

There's me and you.

I miss telling you about my day, I need your advice. You look troubled, but you refuse to break down and talk to me. In a show of stupid defiance, I am just as tough as you. I can deal with this on my own.

I'm going to take a shower now, is that ok?
Sure, go ahead. I'll just wait until you're done.
Oh, no, sorry, I didn't realized you wanted one now. Go ahead, I'll wait.

This stilted politeness drives me crazy. The two of us, locked inside our stubborn fortresses, move silently through the spaces between.

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