Every now and then I get mail that is severely mangled. Bills, letters, Discover magazine, etc. Usually items like bills and letters will show up in a sealed plastic bag with the USPS logo on it, and an explanation which can be viewed here.

That didn't bother me much. I've watched how mail is sorted on TLC, and it's no simple affair. Until one time my bank statement showed up in a USPS body bag. The actual statement was torn in half, my checks were all shredded, etc. Then I realized that if any postal worker wanted to read anything, all they have to do is:

Rip it open
Read/copy/etc the contents
Tear up contents/envelope a little, to get that 'machine munched' effect
Run the whole mess over with a cart a few times to further aforementioned effect
Put it in a USPS body bag and send it on its way
Don't get caught

Not that I'm saying USPS or any of its workers is guilty of or even remotely interested in reading my bank statement. But it's something to think about.

nodeshell rescue.

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