The literary equivalent of well hung.

Those pathetic creatures with too little reading time to be generalists (see Specialist) use the term as Well-read in

Some who is well read may not have read The Complete Works of William Shakespeare but has read, seen or heard sufficient parodies, radical interpretations and rewritings that they can spot a quote, allusion or reference to Shakespeare at 100 paces in the dark. Well-read people know what the book Red Book of Westmarch is and will never admit to having read it, never judge a book by it's film and often have more library cards than credit cards.

books and books that will induce a mindfuck are a well-read individuals reading list and movies that will induce a mindfuck their TV guide.

Well"-read` (?), a.

Of extensive reading; deeply versed; -- often followed by in.


© Webster 1913.

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