One who does not specialize. Désafortunatamente (in some respects), the current economy rewards specialists. This means that nearly no one can survive on their own; a dubious blessing/curse that too few people understand.
A generalist may be someone with many talents, a jack-of-all-trades, a dillettante, a roustabout, an indecisive mothafucka. A generalist may never develop any one talent well enough to be fulfilled. A generalist may watch each and all of his talents or skills wither or atrophy from infrequent excercise. A generalist may be able to juggle, while a specialist can fly. However, a generalist can also breathe on her own while she juggles. These are the meager victories.

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This is the Generalists Metanode, an index of writeups about generalists (including: Renaissance men, jacks-of-all-trades, non-specialists, etc.) on E2. This is a subnode of the top-level Scientists node, and is a collaborative effort by the usergroup E2science. To suggest additions or alterations, please /msg E2_Science or liveforever.

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