Wendy Robie. Actress.

Before becoming a recognizable character actor, Wendy Robie attained a degree in English Literature and was a competetive endurance runner, competing in 100 mile jaunts. While her birthdate and place of birth seem to be closely guarded secrets, she spent a number of years working in repertory theatre before being picked by David Lynch and company for the role of Nadine Hurley on Twin Peaks. Her two season run on Twin Peaks gave her the opportunity to wear an eye-patch, attempt suicide, invent silent drape runners, come to believe she was a high school cheerleader, and exhibit feats of superhuman strength. We should all be so lucky. She reprised her role in the prequel theatrical release, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

In 1992, Wendy Robie was reunited with Everett McGill, who played Nadine's husband Big Ed Hurley in Twin Peaks for the Wes Craven film The People Under The Stairs. As "The Man" and "The Woman" they portray perhaps the sickest and most twisted couple ever to grace the screen. Nadine Hurley looks quite mentally stable by comparison.

Her other film appearances include The Glimmer Man with noted thespian Steven Seagal and Vampire in Brooklyn starring Eddie Murphy. She has also had roles in films that circulate in the late night hours on HBO, such as Devil in the Flesh and The Dentist II (which probably is one of those films where you have to see the first installment in order to understand all the subtle nuances).

Wendy has made appearances on television shows ranging from the Star Trek Deep Space Nine series to Quantum Leap to, ehem, Baywatch. She also guested on the series version of The Magnificent Seven.

In the 2000 film The Attic Expeditions, Wendy plays the overseer of a halfway house for recovering psychotics. This independent film, starring Seth Green and Jeffrey Combs, promises to deliver us the experience of the brink of madness. Wendy Robie's supporting role seems to cement her place as a character actor with mastery over the creepier and more unstable characters in modern filmmaking. Her most recently completed project was the film The Lost Voyage with Judd Nelson and Lance Henriksen.

Wendy has a more extensive theatre resume than she does in film, working the Missouri Repertory Theatre for the 2001-2002 season with previous gigs in Los Angeles, Portland and Phoenix. Theatre appears to be her true devotion, while television and movies provides light entertainment and a helpful crop of paychecks and residuals.

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