Some facts about West Ottawa:

  • West Ottawa High School has been around since the 60s, with the architechture clearly showing its age at first glance.

  • This school is located in Holland, Michigan, right next to the former middle school and Pine Creek Elementary.

  • It is extremely overcrowded, with over thirty people in most classes, the hallways all but bursting during passing time, and the cafeteria overflowing with the little people who aren't allowed to leave campus for lunch.

  • The class of 2001 was the last to enter WOHS as freshmen; now the school only contains tenth through twelfth grades.

  • The mascot is the panther.

  • Some of the sports teams are well known. For example, the football team is recognized as one of the worst in the district after our friend Rob graduated to go to the University of Michigan. And that's about all there is to say about West Ottawa.

WOHS e2 Alumni

Class of 1990 : lawnjart

Class of 1991 : dem bones, the gilded frame, thefez, robnotrob, plakke

Class of 1998 : SoberSephiroth, MiZuNkY

Class of 2001 : kaytay

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