A question I ask myself from time to time. I know it is hopelessly naive to want to disengage myself from the rat race, but I don't think I'm worse off for dreaming.

I would live on a boat in the caribbean. I would know all the dolphins by name; they would call to me at dawn and we would fish together. I would laugh as I chased the sleek dolphins among the shipwrecks, they are faster than me but they prefer the chase.

The waves would be a barrier between the outside world and I. I'd dive down to the coral and watch the crabs conducting their very serious business. The anenomes would pulse like clapping hands applauding life under the ocean; I would hang for ages by them watching the tiny fish play among their branches. The coral is an impressionist's dream forest. While they take years to grow, they are no less happy and singing than the rest of us.

I'd stop by and say hello to the sharks, they're dangerous but that's the way of sharks. They would know that dizzy is not food or a threat, just a friend.

I would lie on my back on the roof of my boat, watching the clouds spell out words for me. I would wave at the planes and boats that hurry past; I would invite them to stay for a while and meet the dolphins.

The sun would sparkle as it reflected from the waves; each sparkle is a dolphin soul playing among it's descendants.

The seabirds would wheel and dive, but the dolphins know the best places for the tastiest fish. The dolphins know that the birds can hang in the air, they love them all the more for it.

My boat would be a sailboat because engines hurt the dolphins' ears. I would follow the dolphins to the ocean and they would introduce me to the wise whales. We would talk about the way the currents work and where the best songs are heard.

At twilight, the stars would greet me one by one. Each night I would try to count them all, but they are better than sheep; I would be asleep until the dolphins called to me again.

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