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Frosting! Black cowboy boots, dirt, and scrunchies. Swimming in a pool for days and never getting bored. Sitting on the dock, walking on the fences between the horses’ stalls, my treehouse.

Picking blue berries at Judy’s then walking across the gravel and picking wild blackberries. Tadpoles, fiddler crabs, earth worms. Cap guns, bottle rockets, big floppy hats. Beat up old bikes my dad would bring home from his patients. Picking my nose when I knew my mom was watching. Riding on the hood of my dad’s old Lincoln Friday afternoons on the way home from Catholic school, trying to hold down my plaid skirt even though I had shorts on underneath.

Going to Walmart with my dad and picking out stupid shit to play with before going to Suds and Spuds to eat the greasy cheeseburgers my mom would never let us eat. Playing with the dogs. Having Super Nintendo tournaments with my parents at two in the morning. Thundercats and Scooby Doo. Staying up late to watch Hunter with my dad. Watching movies with Agie, eating tuna fish sammiches, and have her tell me the plot halfway through them.

Traveling with my mom, we went EVERWHERE! Summers in Newport Beach or Boone, Thanksgiving in Sumner, Christmas in Waxahatchie or sleeping in front of the fire at home. Driving the tractor. A new box of crayons and a fresh jumbo pad of paper. Begging to stay up late enough to watch Roseanne, and before that, begging to watch the Muppets. Taking showers naked in the cold shower outside. Sun showers. Bowling.

Cheap nasty music on cheap nasty Daytona radio stations. Having crushes on boys who didn’t know I was alive. Gopher turtles!!! Kittens, and lots of them. Daydreaming about how cool it was going to be to grow up.

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