oh my. a sammich, gentle reader, is much more than just 2+ pieces of bread and 'sum meat'. a sammich is an event, an experience bordering on the sublime. great care and much love goes into the preparation of a sammich. truly greater than the sum of its components, sammiches always have an effect on you. a need is filled, a craving satiated.

A sandwich is not a sammich.

n.b. i once heard the audio from the very first Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on npr (it was the funniest thing i've ever heard). the guest on the show was a bass player, some sort of strange beatnik/hippie. Mr. Rogers asked him what he thought about as he played his upright bass. he replied that he thought about all kinds of stuff, like what he was going to do after the gig and what he was going to eat for dinner. the next part of the conversation went like this, to the best of my memory:

Mr. Rogers: "you're a pretty big guy. what kinds of things do you eat?
bass player: "well, ah...sammiches. i eats a lot of sammiches."

if you can find this episode on any media format, please let me know!

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