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By Hellraiser, aged 19.

I can see it now, in the corner of my eye.
Looking like a deformed "I"; camouflaged so sly.
Covering just one letter - I see it try
To distract me - succeeding - causing strain in my eye.

I can't be bothered moving it: I can read the words
It's blocking - I wrote them, after all!
I have to move it... NO! I'm reading a node!
Surely I've got more will power than a pointer?

The cursor flashes in my mind to my heartbeat;
Deceitfull: That's a "Y", not a "V"!
I'm not going to give it what it wants, It doesn't bother me!
NO! Bother and damnation! My hand seccumbs.
The occupied space reveals perfect, unsullied words.

Oh well, I can get on with reading the bloody node now.

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