Also a term in British drug culture, meaning passing out or almost passing out due to excessive consumption of marijuana.

This is probably the worst case scenario as far as smoking weed is concerned and is not a pleasant experience. Many people who "whitey" tend to feel nauseous and may sometimes throw up. Others may feel the need to lie down or or may fall to the ground involuntarily. Although conscious to events around them, the person generally cannot be bothered to do anything other than lie in their space and stare at something. This can be a spot on a wall or, if they're lucky, a TV.

The person may well recover and be fine to move and talk again in around 20 minutes, or they may simply fall asleep. This event is actually quite rare, but depending on a person's tolerance, may happen quite frequently.

n, slang

synonymous with:
redneck, honky, cracker, white bread, hay-eater, marshmallow, the Man

Mostly used to describe white people by black racists but is also used to describe white racists by non-racist blacks as sort of a "back in your face" comment. "Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey," a song by Sly and the Family Stone, would be an example of the later.

Most white people are not offended by this word. I know I'm not. I believe it's because I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and not Alabama (although you would be suspired how racist some Native Americans, the "minority" where I grew up, can be). For people who grew up with an abundance of racism in their culture and at some point, usually as a small child, were harmed by words like whitey or cracker, it can be as defamatory as calling a black person a nigger. Perhaps it's a good thing that people aren't really offended by this any more. As blacks that call each other nigger say it's a good thing when these words lose their potency. It is a direct result of racism losing its potency.

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