This is a drinking game I was introduced to by a couple of Navy Guys while at the honesty bar or a major British Naval base (names and addresses withheld).

It is a very fast paced game requiring a great deal of concentration, coordination and skill. Thus, you are likely to get very drunk, very quickly.

  • Lots of Alcohol
  • Lots of People (at least 6 for a worthwhile game)
  • Somewhere everyone can sit in a circle

Everyone sits in a circle with a drink ready. The game is based around an imaginary ball that gets passed using a Whizz, Boing or Bonk between players. The first player selects a direction (left or right) and moves his (or her) other hand across his (or her) body in that direction, ending up with his (or her) hand pointing at the next player in the circle while simultaneously saying "Whizz".

This player now has a choice, the easiest option is to repeat the action of the first player, but they can also perform either a Boing or a Bonk. A Boing involves lifting both hands above one's head while saying "Boing", this jumps the "ball" over the next player, skipping their turn and passing control to the person next to them. A Bonk involves holding the arm on the side the ball is moving upright, creating a "wall" which bonks the ball back, reversing its direction (of course, you must also say "Bonk" as you do this, or it would just be silly). The easiest way to imagine this is that the ball passes across your body, hits your arm and passes back, reversing the direction of the game.

Need I add that drinking penalties occur if you either: Go when it is not your turn, don't go when it is your turn, use the wrong hand, use the wrong sound for an action or otherwise inturrupt the flow of the game.

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