Last night, I came home from work and had nothing to do. Well, nothing exciting to do, at least, except for laundry, bill paying, and studying. Since I didn't feel like doing any of the things that I was supposed to do, I decided to break open a 40 of Steel Reserve 211 malt liquor which I had read a good (for malt liquor) review of a few weeks earlier, to see if it could beat out my old favorite: OE 800.

The beer wasn't too bad, so I proceeded to play Quake 3 while finishing the rest. As all drinkers know, once you have a beer or two, you always feel like having more...and so I did. A lot more, actually, as I went to the liquor cabinet and poured myself a half SoCo, half Diet Dr. Pepper in a 36oz water bottle...Guess that was a little more than I needed.

Anyway, the last thing I remember is loudly singing along to Twiztid, and chatting with an ex-girlfriend on AIM (always a bad move...). More than this must have happened, though, because I woke up to this:

The laundry was right where I left it, the bills were untouched, and my text book was still sitting there, though. Now, I have no clue what happened last night, but I'm hoping the Taco Bell wasn't mine since I was in no condition to drive. I'm also really really REALLY hoping that I wasn't talking to the ex girlfriend with the phone that's in the bathroom...Maybe it was my girlfriend calling...Not sure that's any better, though. The rest? I have no clue. Maybe my roommate will be able to fill in some of the holes, or whoever was on the phone. Either way, these are all reasons why I shouldn't drink ever again. I know I've said this before. I'll say it again, too. Many times, probably. In the end, though, I should drop alcohol and just stick with the mind altering alternatives.

I still can't find my pager.

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