After an especially atrocious night of binge drinking, right before you crash out on the floor with your clothing still on, write yourself a letter. You can use this letter the next morning to help translate the murky, hung-over memories you have (or don't have) of the night before.

Some neat things to include in your letter:

  • Transfer the names and phone numbers you collected throughout the evening from the matchbooks or napkins to your letter in the order in which you received them. Also, include sidenotes in the event that you made some sort of future plans with any of your new friends that you aren't likely to remember the next day.
  • Any new phrases that you or any of your buddies coined that night. This will be a good, solid indication of just how drunk you were, as you are not likely to find the next day that any of these tidbits make any sense.
  • The names of all the places where you drank. Next to the names, write down any unusual events that occurred at that venue. You can possibly determine whether or not you are welcome back at that establishment if you include enough detail. You may find that your collection of receipts will assist you in this step. You can even attach the receipts somehow to your letter for further proof.
  • Any altercations with law enforcement that you encountered. This may help to clarify the D&D ticket you find in your wallet the next day.
  • The name of the person that drove you home (this is especially useful if the person still happens to be with you the next morning).
  • Or, in case you find yourself not in your own home, draw a little map on your letter with your approximate location.
  • The type and number of drinks you had during the evening so you can either brag later about it or have a good understanding as to why you're in the hospital getting your stomach pumped.
  • And finally, avoid becoming transfixed by your letter during the writing, as you will likely pass out and not finish it. By no means start doodling on your letter. This is a sure way to become transfixed. Also, your doodles may frighten you the next day.

  • If you find that, while writing the letter, you are so intoxicated that you cannot remember events from that same evening, it may help to carry a PDA with you wherever you go to record events as they occur.

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