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Cedar Point's 2002 addition resulted in the 15th roller coaster at the Point. This of course led them to breaking the Guinness Book of World Records record for number of roller coasters within an amusement park. However, this title is disputed amongst amusement park enthusiasts because of Six Flags Magic Mountain's Superman: the escape being considered as a reverse free fall or a roller coaster.

Wicked Twister was built by Intamin AG, a Swiss company most notably known for building Millenium Force. It stands 215 ft tall and features two 450 degree spikes on both ends. Because of the double twisted spike, it makes the it the only Double Twist Impulse Roller Coaster at the moment. The roller coaster reaches 72 mph although it does not reach top speed until the 3rd or 4th run through the station.

Wicked Twister has been plagued with mechanical problems throughout the 2002 season, much due to its unique and pioneering structure. This may or may not have played a decision in the design of Cedar Fair's next Impulse Roller Coaster "Steel Venom" at Valleyfair!

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