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As with birds, there is a danger with pigs flying overhead. Normally, when animals are scared, the sphincter muscles open up and great messes are made. It can only be assumed that pigs will be scared when being propelled with sufficient thrust as they fly overhead. Horse Apple? Cow pies? Nope... we're talking nonstop pig pancakes (dung dropped from a high altitude will flatten like a pancake rather than form apple or pie shaped structures).

Birds have the advantage that when they land, they do so in a controlled manner. A nice gradual descent and a perching on a branch. This is not the case with pigs - hey have evolved no such control of flight ability. The landing pig will likely make a large splat. It is possible to determine where they will land with some rough calculations. Spinning the pig about the long axis will make the flight path a bit straighter (as with spinning pig skin of a quarterback). However, the un-skinned pig is not perfectly symmetrical about its radius which will cause error to enter the calculations. Its also hard to get a pig spinning about its snout. Please consider also the implications of spinning pigs, this will cause any fecal matter that leaves the body to have additional vectors. No longer a simple drop, these will be slung far and wide.

Applied to projects:

  • If you put enough manpower into any project, it will get done.
  • Unfortunately, there is no telling -
    • when it will get done
    • what it will look like when it is done
    • how many casualties there will be
    • where the crap will land

Do not try to make pigs fly. It is generally a bad thing.

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