The Wonder Twins were the second wave of comic relief superheroes in The Superfriends. They replaced Marvin and Wendy and their dog as the obnoxious and mostly pointless tag-along kids. Zan could turn into water, Jayna could turn into animals. They did this by calling:
Zan: "Form of ... iceberg!"
Jayna: "Shape of ... rhinoceros!"
Unison: "Wonder Twin Powers activate!"

He could take the shape of any form of water, and she could turn into any animal. When they called "Wonder Twin Powers activate!" they held a pair of rings together and a big flash transformed them, IIRC.

They had a blue monkey, too, who used to put a bucket over his head. I don't know why I remember this at all.

My freshman year at Cal one of the first people I met was a cute girl named Jayna. She was so named because her older brother had wanted a little sister named Jayna, so they could be the wonder twins. He wasn't named Zan, though, so it just don't add up!

I don't know that I'm part of any team, but this was a Nodeshell rescue

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