Cartoon aired by ABC. The cartoon ran from 1973 through 1986 in various forms.

Taken from the ever popular pages of DC Comics, the Superfriends exploded on to television screens in 1973. The show followed the adventures of a group of the world's premiere superheroes as they protected the world from the forces of evil. The core group of heroes included:

The group was "assisted" by a pair of would-be heroes Wendy and Marvin and their dog Wonder-Dog. These three were barely disguised plot devices to allow the heroes someone to save or to explain to the kids watching what was happening.

In later seasons, the original group was expanded to include other heroes like:

Marvin and Wendy were replaced by a pair of super-powered siblings dubbed the Wonder Twins. When the two touched rings and said "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!," the brother Zan could change into any form of water while the sister Jayna could transform into any animal. They were accompanied by their pet purple monkey Gleek.

In later seasons, the Superfriends were put into conflict with a group of DC Comics worst villains called the Legion of Doom. This cross section of the baddest of the bad were inept at best, but it gave the Superfriends villains to oppose. When the Legion of Doom was introduced the show became known as Challenge of the Superfriends.

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